LOT Collaboration




Oxidised silver, silver chain, silver, brass, wool, threads, glass beads, glass, paint, ceramic transfer, platinum transfer, stainless steel pin, wood.

h:190mm x w:120mm x d:10mm




Glass, paint, silver, ceramic transfer, platinum transfer, pearls, wood, stainless steel pin, wool, threads, brass, enamel paint, steel wire.

h:70mm x w:90mm x d:40mm




Tourmalines, silver, chrysoprase, stainless steel pin, glass, paint, pearls, wood, ceramic transfer, platinum transfer, enamel paint, glass beads, thread, grosgrain ribbon.

h:210mm x w:45mm x d:10mm



Glass, silver, paint, ceramic transfer, acetate, wood, oxidised silver, brass, 18ct gold, rubies, stainless steel pin, glass beads, cotton, silk thread.

h:110mm x w:110mm x d:35mm




Fabric paint, cotton webbing, threads, glass beads, oxidised silver, silver, brass, glass, paint, ceramic transfer, platinum transfer, stainless steel pin, wood.

h:70mm x w:200mm x d:10mm



Thread, glass beads, billy buttons (craspedia), grosgrain ribbon, glass, silver, paint, enamel paint, ceramic transfer, platinum transfer, wood, gold plate, gold leaf, stainless steel pin, oxidised silver.

h:360mm x w:75mm x d:20mm


LOT is a collaborative project formed in 2018 between jewellers, Sarah Pulvertaft and Jed Green with embroiderer Beatrice Mayfield. Their work is united through the importance of materiality, pattern, movement and a thoughtful use of colour. Each of them imaginatively transforms raw materials into beautifully crafted, wearable objects.

The three have developed a collaborative process of working, loosely based on the “Exquisite Corpse” method. rather than designing as a trio they each began a piece and passed it on to the next until all three had contributed, within a pre-arranged timeframe and with no discussion between them during the making. At the end of the process they met to reveal the outcomes of the collaboration and work on final resolutions. This form of working pushed them creatively and encouraged them to work both within and beyond their normal ways and usual methods.

They have developed two bodies of work to date.

LOT 1 with a focus on materials. Shown at Retrouvius' reclamation warehouse in west London, as part of London Craft Week 2019.

LOT 2 focussed on colour. Exhibited at Collect Open, Collect 2020, presented by the Crafts Council at Somerset House, London. These are those six brooches all of which are for sale please contact Sarah, Jed or Beatrice for more information.


Photos: Tas Kyprianou